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When I became a grandmother at the age of 35, I knew without a doubt I did not want to be called 'Grandma'. Grandma's are sweet ladies with soft laps and false teeth. More importantly, Grandma's are old. I am none of those things and therefore chose Nana as a youthful alternative. But even Nana sounds old to me now and I am wishing I had given the whole matter a little more thought.

Which is why I read with interest this article about what baby boomer grandparents are calling themselves these days. Grandma or Grandpa is not cool enough for a generation who thinks middle age doesn't begin until 48 and old age starts somewhere around 75.

There is a stereotype connected to the traditional grandparent names and many want nothing to do with them. This aversion stems from the fact that grandparents today are different than previous generations. Only 12 percent of boomer grandparents have retired and they are generally healthier and wealthier than their own parents at that age. It's only fitting that their names reflect these differences.

Blended families are also playing a part in the changing of the names. Second marriages can result in all kinds of unique situations and who really wants to be called Daddy and Grandpa at the same time?

If you can't come up with a creative alternative on your own, there are several websites out there to help you. Namenerds and Grandboomers both have lists of unique names for grandparents. You could be Bampie or Tata. Or, like Goldie Hawn, your grandchildren could call you Glamma. I wish I had thought of that.

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