What are you watching Recap: Reviews of Desperate Housewives, etc.

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(Monday April 30, 2007) What did you watch last night? Did you catch Desperate Housewives or Brothers and Sisters? You can see my reviews of them by clicking on the titles. In all fairness, I will go ahead and tell you right now that I like Brothers and Sisters better. I started watching the show because I offered to review it. I was already reviewing Desperate Housewives anyway, so why not? They are on back-to-back. But Brothers and Sisters is a show I can sink my teeth into. And, okay, Rob Lowe is Hottt too.

Let me ask you this: Is it just me, or as you have had kids, has your taste in men/women (except your husband/wife, naturally) changed? I have pretty much grown up with Rob Lowe. But the fact that he is older than I am, married, and has his own kids does increase his sex appeal. I find that even though Jude Law is beautiful, he is too... young. But the fact that he has kids is certainly appealing. Men like Keanu Reeves are fun to look at, but what on earth would we talk about?

Okay, how did I get started on that? Oh yeah. Brothers and Sisters. Dave Annable, who plays the youngest brother, Justin, is now dating Emily VanCamp, who plays his sister Rebecca. Ewww! Annable, what happened with Grey's Anatomy's Kate Walsh? I know Annable and VanCamp are no actual relation, but way to make it even harder for me to suspend my disbelief.

What are you going to watch tonight? I am probably going to watch CSI from last Thursday... (Hey, I am a parent, remember-- I never said I could promise to watch shows ontime).

Note: You can catch re-runs of CSI on Spike TV late at night, and House re-runs are shown on USA on Friday and Monday evenings.

See you Sunday!

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