Student suspended for relieving himself in classroom

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A 14-year old California student has been suspended after he urinated into a Gatordate bottle in the corner of his high school classroom. Upon first glance, this seems fairly reasonable grounds for suspension, but Michael Patterson says that he was desperate after his science teacher refused to give him a hall pass to use the school's facilities.

The teacher, Peter Stanzler, says that news accounts of the story have not told the whole truth, but that he'd been advised by his boss and the teacher's union not to discuss it. He did say that he can confirm one thing: though he is white and his student is black, Stanzler said "It is not a race issue."

Stanzler was in the process of being transferred to another school before the Gatorade pee incident and is currently on paid leave.

Hmm. Something's a little fishy here. If the student truly meant to disrupt, you'd think he'd just urinate on the floor, but to take the trouble of moving to the corner and aiming into an empty energy beverage bottle...well, it just seems there's more to the story here.

Patterson's suspension begins Tuesday.

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