A Danish student strip tease---with teacher approval (and pictures!)

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Just when I was done taking some Scandinavians to task, they have to go and be all awesome and tolerant again and make me wish I was a well-spoken Dane with fashionable glasses and a tidy scarf around my neck who'd gone to one of the fine progressive high schools in the fine, progressive nation of Denmark. There is an important tradition at a high school in Silkeborg, Denmark every year, when the cold Nordic winter bends towards a sweet summer on the North Sea, nubile young teens hold a strip tease contest to impress their teachers, and get awarded "the best places on the tables in the canteen." Yeah, the teachers vote on who are the best performers and give the winners the most prestigious seats in the cafeteria. And I thought teachers at my high school had excellent benefits.

But now, the tradition is threatened because some students videotaped the performance on their cell phones and uploaded it to YouTube. I haven't seen it (YouTube removed it), but it reportedly shows the teens stripping naked and touching each other's breasts - then rubbing baby oil over each other's bodies, putting on a lesbian show for their cheering classmates and teachers.

With the leak of the video, some Danish fuddy duddies are trying to put a stop to the annual performance, but officials at the school are fighting to keep the tradition alive. Erik Olesen, the head teacher at the Silkeborg school called the contest "harmless fun" and said "everyone," including the school governors, has long known about the contest. Olesen said the teachers eventually stopped the girls from the lesbian action because they did feel that was going too far, but he did not blame the girls: "I think they forgot what they were doing and where they were. But my concern now is not to punish anyone, but protect the girls who are now all over the internet." Nor did Oleson have any bad words about the kids who videotaped this sacred Nordic tradition, exposing it to the world: "As for the students who recorded the contest, they didn't realize they had done anything illegal and I have had a long talk with them."

Oleson said he had no plans to stop the contest from taking place again next year.

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