Men gain pregnancy weight too, apparently

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Everyone now and then I hear an anecdote about how men have sympathetic "symptoms" of pregnancy while their partner is expecting. Honestly, I always figured it was because that guy was trying so hard to be involved in the process that he went overboard, messed with his routine, and gained a few extra pounds.

I also thought it was fairly uncommon.

However, after a listener on MSNBC's The Body Odd podcast asked why her husband was getting bigger while she was pregnant, tons of emails starting flooding in -- with reports of men sharing in everything from cravings to cramps.

For example, one listener writes: "My husband actually vomited every morning and evening, and just the smell of some foods made him vomit, and he gained about 25 pounds." Another says: "My husband had morning sickness, hemorrhoids and backaches the entire time I was pregnant with our last child 20 years ago."

Thank goodness my body didn't react like this -- I'd have certainly been scared off from having any more children. You can read the full list of responses here.


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