Soccer moms not happy about "two boobs in the morning"

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In the small suburb I grew up in, there was a free spirit named Linda who used to ride her bicycle through the streets wearing sunglasses and shorts. She was continually the target of whispered gossip, and though I was appalled by her chutzpah, I never really understood the scandal. They are just boobs. They are here primarily to feed babies and maybe add some curve appeal to the female form to promote breeding of the species second. Just because men like to think about touching them doesn't mean that they're indecent. Just because they might be more aesthetically pleasing than man-boobs doesn't mean they need to be covered up while men can bear their hairy backs and hair-ridged nipples with reckless abandon. At least, that's my opinion.

Anyhow. My viewpoints on the benign nature of naked breasts are obviously very different from two moms in Boise Idaho, who have embarked on a public campaign to take down a billboard for a local radio station.
Carrie Dayley and Kayla Mooso are unhappy about the radio station's choice to erect a billboard depicting two goofy morning show hosts' faces over a woman's breasts. The campaign is supposed to be a tongue-and-cheek play on the radio show's program "Two Boobs in the Morning."

The Moms think such advertising is neither funny nor appropriate and do not want it tolerated in their community.

Now, is it just me, or shouldn't there be bigger battles to pick than this? Is it really super offensive to have the faces of two men over some covered breasts on a billboard? Is the insinuation that breasts = boobs = overzealous morning show hosts in the midwestern US totally evil? Some days I think I'm missing something, some days I think perhaps I don't know an insult when I see one.

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