What kind of job do you want for your kid?

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My high school yearbook has a photo of a self-conscious girl with a big forehead and worried eyes. I hadn't looked at that photo in years, until my toddler brought it to me from my parent's den.
"Mama! Nolo's Mama!"
I am surprised he recognized me, without the deep forehead creases, the lines around my eyes, the skinnier face and more angular features.
"Yes, that's Mama,"I murmered,"A long time ago, that was Mama."

Beside my photo there is a caption, one of those benign, forgettable spaces reserved for bravado filled promises: "In ten years I will rule the world" or "In ten years I will be leaving on a sunny beach in Mexico." My caption says: "In ten years I will be a successful businesswoman."

I had forgotten I'd written that. I guess it's come true, if success can be defined as a comfortable house, a good job, and a lucky knack for sales. But I wonder why I hadn't written that I wanted to be a lawyer who helped draft better laws for women and children, a doctor who cured breast cancer.

I looked at my son, who had moved on to a picture of his Uncle holding a hockey stick.

"Nolo! Goaalll!" he cried, pumping his fist in the air.

I looked at my son and wondered what he'd be, what I'd like him to be. The most successful people I know might be doctors and lawyers and workaholic entrepreneurs, but they are not the happiest. I would like Nolan's yearbook caption to read "In ten years I will be blissful doing what I love to do." I'll have succeeded as his Mom if I can help him discover what that is, and be happy even if it's selling puka shells on a Mexican beach.

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