Top ten health concerns about today's kids

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As our friends over at That's Fit point out, there is very little to surprise in the results of the National Poll on Children's Health. The poll, conducted in March for the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, asked a nationally representative group of 2,076 adults to rate 17 different health concerns for children.

Topping the list with 40% of respondents ranking it as a "big problem", is smoking. Teen drug abuse is a close second at 49%. The entire list is here.

Being a parent didn't seem to alter the perceptions of the respondents; those with children and those without ranked their concerns the same. Race and education did seem to make a difference, however. Black adults rated teen pregnancy as their top health concern, and adults with college degrees were more likely to rate childhood obesity as a top concern than those without degrees.

The concerns that didn't make the top ten list were: psychological stress, depression, eating disorders, suicide, autism, childhood cancer, and food contamination. Food contamination is moving up on my personal list.


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