Random steriod testing for Florida high school athletes

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Last year, New Jersey became the first state in the country to address the issue of performance-enhancing drug use in high school sports with a statewide policy for drug testing athletes. The initial testing this past fall resulted in zero positive results from 150 random samples.

Florida is also concerned about steroid use by high school athletes and the legislature just passed a one-year pilot program to drug test players. Athletes participating in football, baseball and weightlifting will all be subject to random testing for the presence of anabolic steroids during the 2007-2008 school year Any athlete who refuses to submit a urine sample will be kicked off the team, but could be reinstated later if they agree to, and pass, the test.

Pending the governor's signature, the program becomes effective July 1 and will be overseen by the Florida High School Athletics Association. Texas is poised to pass similar legislation and it won't be long before other states join in. I haven't seen much negative reaction to this testing, which surprises me. What do you think about random drug testing for high school athletes?

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