Fat kids? Blame dad

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A recent Australian study puts all of us fathers on the hot seat -- saying, essentially, that when kids get fat, dad is to blame. According to researchers, dads who are less involved, and don't set clear limits for their kids, are more likely to have children that are overweight or obese.

What's even more surprising is that the mother's parenting style apparently has little or no impact on a child's size.

This seems almost unbelievable to me. While a father's parenting style would certainly impact the growth and development of any child, why -- specifically when it comes to eating habits -- would his "limits" mean so much more than the mother's?

We're relatively healthy eaters in my house, but -- especially in light of this study -- I feel like maybe I should crack down on that occasional ice cream. After all, I figured I could always blame my daughter's mother when things went wrong -- but now that I'm more or less completely responsible for the kid's body mass index, I may have to take this nutrition thing a little more seriously.

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