Florida students arrested for replacing apple juice with urine

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In India, low-caste students may get purified with cow urine, but in America, bullies just trick other students into drinking human piss. As part of a cruel joke, two 15-year-old students at Palm Harbor University High School in Pinellas County, Florida removed a bottle of apple juice from a vending machine, dumped the juice and replaced the contents with their own urine. The students then managed to return the drink to the queue inside the refrigerated machine, and later another unsuspecting student purchased the chilled bottle and drank from it. Noticing the disgusting piss smell and piss taste, the student showed the bottle to his mother, who called the Sheriff's Office. Agents took the bottle in for laboratory analysis, where the contents were confirmed to be teenage jerk urine.

Two students were arrested after police investigators confronted some suspects, who later admitted their involvement. They could possibly be charged with a felony: poisoning of food or water with intent to injure or cause bodily harm.

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