ParentDish feature: What did you watch this week? Monday May 7

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Did you see Lost last week? [Spoilers ahead] I like posting this blog on Mondays because I figure (hope) that most of us have had a chance to watch our recorded shows by now. Of course, this week, I didn't have a chance to see My Name is Earl or The Office yet. Did any of you go and get the TV Guide and do the Scratch and Sniff with the Earl episode? We have to locate our TV Guide before we watch it... But here is what I saw last week.


Is it just me, or are they having a harder and harder time coming up with diagnoses every week? And I can appreciate sharing the love with other cast members, but having Wilson diagnose House's cases is just wrong. I love how Chase is slowly wearing Cameron down. I want House and Cuddy to just get together-- perhaps in the cliffhanger? Do you think Foreman is really going to quit?


Okay: Let's talk about Lost. Margalit covers Lost every Thursday on her blog, and you can read her discussion of it, too. I haven't yet read her coverage of it. Last week, my husband figured out that Cooper was the man Sawyer really wanted to kill. I hadn't gotten that far yet. What did you think of the fact that Cooper thought they were in hell? I don't think they are-- but primarily because the producers keep telling us that they aren't. We did come up with this though: Jean-Paul Sartre said in his fantastic play No Exit: Hell is Other People. Others. Get it? So, maybe they are in hell after all-- but in the immortal words of Monty Python, "Not dead yet!" What do you think Jack and Juliet need to tell Kate?

I ended up covering ER for TV Squad last week, and you can read all of my thoughts about it here. That is why I didn't get a chance to watch Earl and The Office.

Desperate Housewives

My thirteen year old watched this with me last night. I watch this show primarily because I cover it for TV Squad. If I didn't get paid to watch it, I would probably catch it a lot more haphazardly. My son wants to be an epidemiologist and usually likes shows more like CSI and House. But last night, he kept saying, "Wow, this is a really good show," which prompted me to think he isn't allowed to watch it anymore. Because it's actually a pretty silly, frivolous show, and I don't want to rot his brain with it. But last night's episode was actually pretty good.

Brothers and Sisters

I really love Brothers and Sisters. It's interesting, because when I'm watching it, it's usually just fun and fluff. But when I start writing about it, I see all kinds of things I hadn't seen before. That is one of the reasons I like it so much. My review is here.

Have any of you gone to see Spiderman 3 yet? Did you take the kids? I am going to be writing up my review of it for families here in a bit, so I'll try to return to this post with a link to it. What did you think?

And more importantly... What did you watch this week?

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