Judge limits David Hasselhoff to phone visitation with kids after release of messy burger video

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Things are getting even uglier for David Hasselhoff in his already ugly divorce with ex-wife Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff. TMZ is reporting that the video tape that was released last week and widely-circulated on the internet has caused a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to suspend Hasselhoff's right to visit his children. The video, taken by his daughter, shows the former Baywatch star plastered on his living room floor, unable to stand and hardly able to speak. During the video, his daughter implores him not to continue drinking. Under the judge's ruling, Hasselhoff will only be allowed telephone contact with his children. The judge also ordered that Hasselhoff, his ex-wife, and their kids must meet with a psychologist prior to their next court hearing, where the psychologist will have the power to adjust the court's order based on his meeting with the family.

As messed up as that video is, I have to say, I am starting to have some sympathy for celebrities like Alec Baldwin and the Hoff. This sort of ugliness is a part of so many divorces, but with the way these tirades and episodes are being recorded and disseminated so widely, it makes me wonder if they aren't being punished for stupid celebrities rather than bad parents. For example, the judge in the Hasselhoff matter never introduced the tape into evidence, but it was clear he considered it as a part of his decision, admitting he viewed the shirtless burger extravaganza on TMZ himself. I'm not condoning their behavior, it just seems calculated efforts to achieve our amusement by interested parties are having a very real and lasting effect on these guys' opportunities to parent their kids.


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