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I am not sure whether it's because I don't get out much these days, or because a vast component of my day job revolves around blogs, blogging, and bloggers - but at least once a week, I dream about a blogger. I'm a Mom, so I guess it's natural that 80% of the blogs I read are parenting sites, but I'm not sure whether it's natural that in my dream state, I have met several Internet parents.

Last night, I met Miss. Zoot, deeply ingrained in my dream sometime around 1:38 AM. She was instructing me on how to hold my arms when I run (it was this strange posture that can only described as chicken-like) while Nolan kissed her adorable NikkiZ in her front yard. I have also read books with Heather in my dreams, but that's not quite as creepy because I think I read somewhere that a lot of people have had Dooce dreams. A few months ago, I met ParentDish's own JD Griffoen at a fashion show somewhere in the recesses of my brain and woke up surprised that he was so tall (for the record: I have no idea of his height)

So I'm asking you, blog readers and people inside the Internet -- do you dream about other parenting bloggers? Or do I just need to get a life?

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