How to sooth your screaming child at the doctor's office

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Fortunately, I haven't yet had to take my daughter on a doctor's visit where she received an injection. I used to freak out at the thought of some guy jabbing my arm with a needle (tears, hysterics, the works), and I can only imagine that my child would do the same. She's a strong-willed person, and who can blame her? Shots suck.

If you're dreading taking your child to get vaccinated, or have blood drawn, or whatever -- never fear! Some genius (and I mean that in all serious) decided to do a study on what works best to calm kids at the doctor's office.

The results may seem obvious, but they're worth listing anyway. According to researchers, you can try: telling a joke, reading a book, bringing a favorite toy from home, blowing soap bubbles, and -- for babies under 6 months -- using a pacifier dripped in sugar water.

Oddly, what you shouldn't do is apologize, or excessive reassure your child, as that will only make them worse.

So instead, take a no-nonsense approach, bring along some good distractions, and try not to cry as your kid screams bloody murder with blame in their eyes.

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