If soymilk will turn your son gay, will hemp milk turn him into a hippie?

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I just got back from the old food co-op and I saw something there that blew my mind: right next to the soy milk and the rice milk and all the other non-dairy milks I've seen all my hippie friends pour over their nutty nuggets in the morning, I saw a new product: hemp milk (or HempMilk™) from Living Harvest foods. The product is advertised as a dairy free, soy free, cholesterol free, vegan non-GMO, kosher, gluten free delicious and nutty-tasting beverage that provides essential and balanced nutrition to the entire family. Whoa. The milk is apparently made from the hemp seed, not those delicious green THC-filled buds that made college so much fun, and hemp seeds are full of protein and healthy Omeda-6 fatty acids.

I'll admit I was intrigued. I took a look at the product's website, and Living Harvest assures its customers that they will not get high or fail a drug test if they consume any of their products, because they contain 0.0% of THC. Disappointed, I read on. The milk is made from delicious hemp seeds grown in the Canadian prairies, using only the whole hemp nut inside. I also learned that in addition to hemp milk, I can "sprinkle on salads or yogurt or eat them straight from the can, drizzle hemp oil on steamed vegetables, make a dressing with it, use it in a marinade or as a dipping oil with bread, or add it to a smoothie. I can also start my morning with a Hemp Protein powder smoothie with Living Harvest™ Hempmilk™ or stir the Hemp Protein into soups or use as a flour substitute in low temperature baking. Yowzah! My life is going to be Hemp-terrific from here on out! I just need to go to Woody Harrelson's garage sale and pick me up one of those hemp suits!

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