Kid Rock saves high school girls with golf clubs

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When things go wrong, and there's no place else to turn, sometimes a little random kindness from your local celebrity can save the day.

That's what happened to coach Claire Neff and her high school golf team, after Kid Rock learned that the team's clubs were stolen, and offered a helping hand. The rapper/rocker got in touch with his buddy, John Daly (a pro golfer), who in turn recommended Rock get the girls some clubs by TaylorMade, and within days, the kids were back in action on the links.

Kid Rock isn't my favorite artist, and I'm not entirely sure why the plight of these adolescent golfers prompted him to take action, but it was a very generous thing to do. I hope that, in return, the team names themselves in Rock's honor -- maybe the Milan High School "Devils Without a Cause?" Or the Milan High School "History of Rock."

If nothing else, it'd be an awesome name for a golf team.


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