Teacher Appreciation Week

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This week is teacher appreciation week, a chance to "honor the dedicated men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating our children." Started in 1984 by the national PTA, it's an opportunity to "recognize all of the ways teachers contribute to the lives of children."

As a parent and as the husband of a teacher, I know first hand how much work teachers put into caring for, caring about, and educating their students. I know the difficulties they face -- the lack of respect, the physical danger, the low pay -- and I definitely appreciate it.

All too often, we hear about the odd teacher who does something wrong, but they are by far the exceptions. Most teachers are dedicated professionals who indeed are in it for the kids. Perhaps this week, if your kids have a teacher that has helped them, you might think of showing them a bit of love. It doesn't have to cost anything (please, no more mugs!); a simple note of thanks can sometimes make all the difference.

Here's to the teachers who not only do their jobs but generally make ours much easier as well.

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