Hamas using Mickey Mouse to indoctrinate young extremists

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I certainly can't vouch for the translation by Palestinian Media Watch, but if it is accurate, this video might be one of the most twisted things I have ever seen. The makers of a children's program called "Tomorrow's Pioneers," (on the official Hamas television station Al-Aksa TV) are using a guy dressed up in a Mickey Mouse costume to teach young Palestinian children to hate America and Israel and promote extremist viewpoints. If you ask me, the subject matter would be a little dull to most 4-year olds, but it is clear that it is an attempt to indoctrinate even the youngest and most innocent minds to hate. The show features "Mickey" (called Farfur) and a young girl named Saraa discussing captivating topics like how the viewers themselves "will liberate Al-Aksa, with Allah's will, and we will liberate Iraq, with Allah's will, and we will liberate the Muslim countries, invaded by murderers." The duo repeatedly implore the viewers to pray and issue strict religious warnings.

Well, with the exposure this show is receiving, I don't think Farfur is long for this world. If Hamas thinks the Israeli army is tough, wait until they meet the Walt Disney Corporation's elite squadron of intellectual property attorneys.

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