Mom gives birth alone in birthing center parking lot

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When Monica Walters-Wolfe went in to labor, she followed the plan set out by her midwife, Coleen Goodwin. She phoned her and the two agreed to meet at The Baby Place birthing center in Meridian, Idaho. When Wolfe arrived just after midnight, nobody was there.

The baby wasn't waiting for anyone and Wolfe ended up delivering her son by herself, alone in the parking lot of the birthing center. After the baby was born, she used her coat to keep him warm and walked to a nearby house to call 911. "Oh my God, it was horrifying. It was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life," she said.

She did a great job on her own and she and the baby are just fine . But what about the missing midwife? Apparently, Goodwin mistook Wolfe for different expectant mother who lives far from the birthing center. She thought she had plenty of time to get there when in fact she only had minutes.

The new mom feels the miscommunication was just a tragic mistake and encourages others to research alternative care providers carefully. Wolfe's mom, however, isn't taking it so well and has vowed to put the midwife out of business. "I'm telling you I'm on a campaign to do it. That is my daughter and my grandson that almost died," said Kim Alberson.

Currently, Idaho doesn't regulate midwives and Alberson is hoping to change that by bringing her daughter's story to the attention of state legislators.

Oh, in case you are wondering, the new dad was reportedly home sleeping while his wife was giving birth in the parking lot.

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