School punishes student with Tylenol under 'Zero tolerance' policy for drugs

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I hate zero tolerance policies at schools. They remove the ability of a human being to implement critical thinking skills and use their better judgment to prevent ridiculous stories like this one from making their way into the media.

An eighth-grade student in Norfolk Virginia has been found in violation of her school's zero tolerance policy for drugs. She was suspended indefinitely. School officials want her to attend a drug counseling program. Her crime: she attempted to take one tablet of over-the-counter Tylenol to counter the effects of a headache.

Gabriella Nieves, 13, was suspended after she asked a teacher whether she could take the tablet---given to her by an unnamed classmate---for a headache. She was told by her teacher she was in violation of the school's "zero tolerance policy" and was removed from the classroom by a security guard, who took the pill and forced her to write a statement about how she got it.

After two days of suspension, school officials have allowed her to return. But they are insisting that she attend a counseling program. Her mother has refused: "She's not going to no drug and alcohol program," she told reporters.

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