You knew this day would come: Pamela Anderson's kids find her nudie pics

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It's got to be hard when your mom is any kind of celebrity, but I imagine it's really rough when the primary role your mom has played in society for more than a decade has been serving as masturbation fodder for teenage boys and men with really bad taste in women. Pamela Anderson's kids are just getting old enough to realize their mom's entire oeuvre involves heaving her enormous breasts in slow motion, and they aren't comfortable with it. Anderson recently admitted that her son Brandon, 10, was embarrassed when he saw his mother's naked picture on the front cover of her novel Star. . .

Wait, Pamela Anderson wrote a novel?

But Pamela's kids aren't the only ones uncomfortable looking at pictures of her naked. The blond novelist herself says she is uncomfortable with pictures she sees of herself, but only because they don't do her justice: "I can't stand pictures of myself because I'm much better looking in my mind. I see pictures and go, that's not me."

Regardless of what she thinks, the pictures (and Playboy spreads) are out there, and for her sons with ex-husband and former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, things are only going to get worse. Someday they are going to realize that video is out there. And in addition to their mom expressing sincere and thorough admiration for the size of their father's penis, the video also purportedly shows them having sex on a boat. I can only imagine the psychological torment of realizing that your own fate was born of a presumably similar lurid encounter.


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