Milk can make teenage acne worse?

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I had huge acne when I was a teenager. My acne was the kind that hurt, under the skin stuff that felt like a revolting beacon on my nose, forehead, chin. I remember being told: Stay away from chocolate! Grease is bad for zits! Try this product. I spent nearly all my bussing tips on special potions and lotions and creams, to no avail. Perhaps, suggests a recent study done by Harvard University, I should have just stopped drinking milk.

According to the research, teens who drank a pint of milk or more a day were nearly 50% more likely to develop pimples that those who rarely or never drink milk. Analysis of over 47,000 teenage diets revealed that skim milk drinkers were at most risk for acne (raising the risk by 44%), followed by whole milk drinkers who were 12% more likely to develop the unsightly stuff.

Chocolate and french fries, it turns out, don't promote acne. However, certain dairy products like cream and cottage cheese, do.

I wish I would have known this in high school. I might have saved myself a whole lot of angst.

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