Super Dad leads Utah Jazz to victory

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I recognize this isn't normally the place for sporting news, but hear me out.

The Utah Jazz beat the Golden State last night in dramatic fashion -- squeaking past the Warriors in overtime 127-117. Derek Fisher was the unlikely hero, scoring all of his 5 points during the crucial overtime period.

What makes it all the more dramatic (even if you're not a sports fan), is that Fisher came to the game directly from his baby's life-saving surgery. After missing a game earlier this week for undisclosed family reasons, he revealed last night that his 10-month-old daughter had undergone a three-hour combination of surgery and chemotherapy in New York just hours before he played with the team.

He wouldn't have been there at all had it not gone well, and as it was, he missed the first three quarters. Fisher left the hospital, got on a plane, flew to Utah, drove to the game, and ran right out onto the court to a huge standing ovation from the Utah crowd.

I know I would've been a total wreck in his circumstances, and frankly think it's amazing that he was able to play at all -- let alone play well. All the best to his daughter, his family and his team. I'll now be pulling for the Jazz for the rest of playoffs!

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