Young volunteers supplement Meals on Wheels with food for seniors' pets

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When I was a kid, I used to make Meals on Wheels deliveries with my grandfather. The experience had a profound effect on me. It's the kind of experience I want to give my daughter as soon as she's old enough to appreciate it.

Students at Matthews Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio are participating in a program that supplements Meals on Wheels by providing free bags of pet food for recipients with pets. Run by the Progressive Animal Welfare Society of Columbus, it's called the AniMeal program. Meals on Wheels volunteers in the area had noticed that the recipients often gave the protein portion of their meals to their pets, and this allowed them to keep a beloved pet in their home. The program receives donated 50-lb bags of food, and the kids help by scooping the dog food into smaller containers, and then organize the containers in cardboard boxes to be distributed to the needy.

Click here to read more about the kids volunteering.


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