Ann Adams loses her daughter Carol to cancer

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Ann Adams has been around ParentDish probably longer than I have, which is nearly two years. So, I don't think her name in the title needed a whole lot of explanation. I wrote here in December that Ann's daughter Carol had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and was not expected to live much longer.

Carol died on May 3, 2007.

I had many conversations with Ann over the past few months. Some were just checking back and forth, "How are ou holding up?" kinds of conversations, brief emails or instant messages. I love Ann like a member of my own family, and I can feel the tears behind my eyes as I type this. Ann has more dimensions and layers than you could possibly imagine. For as much as she shares about her life on the blog I finally set up for her after insisting to her, based on her comments, that her writing needed its own venue, there is so much more she doesn't share there. I think she reserves some things because some things are too complicated to write about for a public audience. I think blogs pave the way for more personal and intimate conversations.

I am not going to share all of the details of those conversations here, of course, but I will say: This has been hard. This has been horrible. For as much as Ann has shared how hard it is, I know that it has been harder than she would ever say. That is what Ann is like: She has spared me the full depth of her own pain, because she puts others first.

But that doesn't mean she doesn't need encouragement, sympathy, and love as much as the rest of us do. So, please go and say hello to her at her blog, and let her know you are there, let her know that you see her sorrow, and that you share her sorrow, because it is a horrible thing to lose your child, and because Ann feels all of our sorrows too.

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