But how do you actually potty train?

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I've felt for a while now that Nolan might be ready to be potty trained. First of all, he wanders quietly into a corner while he's constructing a number two. Second, the other day he informed my Mom "Poo!" and ran into the bathroom to lie on the floor to have his diaper changed. If he knows he is pooping and knows he wants it out of his pants, then he probably is ready for the toilet, yes? I know he's a little young but my gut feels it might be time.

But I must confess I am a little puzzled about the how-to's. This morning while I was putting on mascara, I could see out of the corner of my eye that Nolan was making the "pooh face" and I whipped down his jeans and diapers and sat him on the toilet.

"Poop! In the toilet, OK Nolan!"
He looked at me wide eyed, hovering over a giant hole of water with a look of trepidation. He pointed to the toilet.
"Yes, in the toilet."

It's too big for him, I know, and I have to get him one that's his size but then...what comes next? Do I put him on there when I think he's having a bowel movement? Put him on it randomly and encourage him to stay until he does relieve himself? Couldn't that be an awfully long time? I googled "potty training" and found a couple wishy-washy articles but I'd love to hear some of your best potty training tips.

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