College girls look fat, steal school newspaper

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Do you have one of those magic mirrors that somehow manages to make you look slimmer and trimmer than you really are? You know, the mirror that takes pounds off your backside and flattens out your middle? You see yourself in that mirror and know you are looking good. Maybe you then go out with your friends and happily pose for pictures because want photographic evidence of your hotness. Then the pictures come back and you realize your magic mirror was lying to you. Your backside is larger than you imagined and your washboard abs now look more like a pile of laundry. You know it is the camera's fault, but still.

I know these magic mirrors exist because I have one. It is usually my final stop before leaving my house each day.

I suspect there are at least seven seven college students at Framingham State College who also have magic mirrors. When they posed together at a women's lacrosse game wearing short shorts and belly-baring taking tops, they were clearly feeling good about their bodies. They confidently posed for this picture, which appeared on the front page of their school paper, The Gatepost.

Overall, I think the girls look fine in the photo, but they don't agree. According to the paper's faculty adviser, Desmond McCarthy, the students thought the photo made them look fat, so they did what they had to do. They made their way around campus and stole about 1,000 copies of the paper. McCarthy says previous editions of the paper have disappeared before, but that this "is the most stupid reason the paper has been stolen.

The girls are facing disciplinary action, but I hope officials will go easy on them. I don't know if claiming to be under the influence of a magic mirror will help their defense, but it's certainly worth a shot.

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