ParentDish Feature: All in the House, bridging generational fashion gaps

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Recently my older son, Loren, and I attended a benefit dinner together. It was for the local hospice where my father was a board member. He and my mother used to attend the annual dinner which includes a gondola ride to a mountain top dinner, a silent auction and dancing. My mother was not quite up to this social effort this year and so offered the tickets to Loren and me. I am always looking for a way to part my son from his friends, if only for a few hours, and gladly accepted the offer.

The day of the event I had to have my younger two children at an afternoon birthday party and my mother offered to take Loren home to help him get ready. When she asked what I thought he should wear, I vaguely replied that I thought he still had a dress shirt and khaki pants that fit. She mentioned that he could also wear one of my father's cardigan sweaters over a tie. Not wanting to get too involved, I scurried off to the party and awaited Loren's return. Sure enough, upon their return Loren looked rather upset as he scowled from the car.

"Mo-oooom, she wants me to wear nerd clothes! I can't do that!," whined my son.

"He claims you'll allow him to wear his hooded sweatshirt over a dress shirt. Is this true?," countered my mom.

Again skirting a conflict, I told my mother I would deal with it and shuffled Loren into my car while my mother took my younger kids home for the evening. Loren and I ended up having a wonderful time. The chance to eat dinner in a nice restaurant, sharing full sentences with my son and not worrying about cleaning the kitchen after wards was such a gift. The gondola ride was gorgeous and the night will long be a lovely memory for me.

When I got home my mother asked what Loren ended up wearing. "Um, we made a compromise, " I answered. "He relinquished his baseball cap to my purse for the evening and I let him wear the hoodie over the dress shirt."

"Oh, so does that mean that he was right? Is the hoodie actually the new cardigan?," asked my mother.

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