Lindsay Lohan tops Hot List, is this good for young girls

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When I first saw the remake of The Parent Trap I thought young Lindsay Lohan was just about the cutest thing ever. Her red hair and freckled face combined with a genuine acting talent were very impressive. By the time Lohan made Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and the new Herbie movie, my own freckly, red headed daughter, Cassidy, was old enough to see the movies. Cassidy was smitten with Lindsay Lohan from the moment she saw her on the screen. There are very few red heads on the celebrity scene and one who was so talented and seemed to so down to earth was a breath of fresh air as a figure for a young girl to idolize.

Fast forward a few years and much has changed. Lohan's acting talent remains. But the genuine qualities that made her so appealing to young people is gone to be replaced by the grime of celebrity hood. The real hair color is gone to be replaced with an ever changing color of the week. Her figure has dwindled to skeletal under revealing, pricey clothing. There are more pictures of Lohan with little clothing on her frail figure or a cocktail in her hand than not.

Lindsay Lohan is undeniably beautiful and talented. I just feel it is a shame that the audience that once adored her no longer benefits from her image and body of work. The fact that she tops popularity lists speaks for her ongoing popularity, I just question whether or not it is a good thing.


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