Military summer camps on your schedule?

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There were more than a few moments over the winter when I dreamed of carting my kids off to summer camp. Any kind of camp would be great, but perhaps a military sort of camp that would whip them into shape and lend them some discipline sounded even better. The blissful weeks I would spend without the constant bickering and demands of the older two kids were images that sometimes kept me going through the long, dark days of winter. Little did I know that such a place actually exists in the summers. Yes, that's right, The Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy meets for one week in June and July.

Kids at these camps learn discipline and military values such as respect, courage and team work. It all sounds good on paper but I must admit that I won't be signing up my kids. For starters they are too young for the minimum age requirement of 15. Secondly, the camp was co-founded by Oliver North, a man who I feel does not exemplify the sort of values I want my children to emulate. I also believe that my kids would benefit far more from a summer of sunshine and soccer games than field trips to military bases and talks of weapons. What about you?

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