Grandma fined for littering when baby drops two potato chips

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It's a good thing there's never been cops around any time I've tried to feed my child outdoors -- I don't think we've ever finished a meal without leaving food behind for the birds and squirrels.

Because apparently, if we'd been caught, we could've been fined. (Well, if we lived in England.)

That's what happened to Barbara Jubb, a 57-year-old Grandmother, who was issued an on-the-spot fine of £80 (about $160) when she didn't pick up two potato chips that her 20-month-old granddaughter dropped on the ground. The little girl dropped the bag, and Jubb picked that up -- but kicked to the curb two chips that had fallen out of the bag. Then she was approached by two men with clipboard who cited her for littering.

It was so ridiculous that bystanders were laughing.

The fine has since been canceled, but I'll be watching my back from here on out. When it comes to discarded Cheerios and fallen bits of bread crust -- I'll admit, I'm a criminal.

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