Practical geometry: pizza pi

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Are you having trouble getting your teens to focus on their math? Do they tell you it's too hard? Are they claiming they'll never use it in the real world? Do they really just not see the point of it all? Well, have I got a story for you! Just point your kids to this story, sit back, and watch the mathematical wheels turn.

Matt and his buddy were out at the local pub and got an attack of the munchies. They ordered a 12" pizza to share between the two of them. After a while, the waitress came to tell them that another waitress had accidentally given their pizza to someone else and offered them an 8" pizza with another to follow. The waitress claimed that two eight inch pizzas would give them more total slices than a single 12" pie, and was thus a better deal.

That's where geometry saved the day. Matt did some quick cypherin' in his head and determined that by giving them two 8" pizzas, the waitress would be shortchanging them by more than twelve square inches of pizza. In fact, the difference would be 4pi square inches. (That's pi as in 3.14158265, not pie as in pizza pie.)

Well, the waitress was so impressed with his quick thinking and mad math skillz that she not only agreed to get them a 12" pizza, but let them have the 8" pie for free as well. Score one for Archimedes!


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