VA massacre Internet game causes outrage

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I like to think I'm very open-minded about what should and shouldn't be made into entertainment, but this is incredibly difficult to stomach.

An Australian man has created an online computer game called "V-Tech Rampage," which is meant to mimic the shootings that happened at Virginia Tech last month. In the game, players control a simulated Cho Seung-hui, the gunman who killed 32 people before shooting himself. During the "three levels of stealth and murder," characters scream as Seung-hui fires into the crowd.

Thousands have asked for the game to be taken off the Internet, but the man has refused -- instead asking for $1,000 to remove it, and an additional $1,000 for a pubic apology.

This is despicable. Not only is it insensitive to everyone affected by the tragedy, attempting to profit from the deaths of these 32 students is almost inhuman.

According to the game's creator, he did it, "because it's funny."

No wonder he's a 21-year-old jobless loser who still lives off his mother's income.

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