Kiddie Calamari

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Ah, calamari. It's delicious and, you've got to admit, tentacles are cool. Only, it's kind of expensive and, well, kids may not fully appreciate it. So, I give you the Octodog. It's got all the coolness of tentacles with the taste (and low cost) of a hot dog. What kid wouldn't totally dig that?

But how, you ask, do you turn an ordinary, everyday hot dog into a deap-sea monster meal? With the Octodog Frankfurter Converter, of course. This handy-dandy device that no well-equiped kitchen should be without takes an ordinary hot dog and turns it into a tentacled horror ready to ravage your green bean casserole while delighting your kids.

For those not so enamored with critters with suckers (but how could you not be?), bear in mind that an Octodog is actually safer for kids than a whole hot dog. The website notes that hot dogs are notorious for being choking hazards and that pediatricians recommend slicing them linearly -- as the Octodog does. Sure, you could try this on your own, but I fancy myself pretty handy with a knife and even so, I recognize I couldn't do this without help. Besides, for only $17, why not make your life easier?

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