Little League coach sued for poor instruction

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My dad coached most of the youth sports teams I was involved with. And -- especially now that I've been indoctrinating her into the cult of baseball -- I figured I might do the same for my daughter.

But if I'm going to be financially liable for every technique I don't teach correctly, then maybe I'll reconsider.

That's what happened to this Little League coach, after one of his players didn't slide properly in second base, and subsequently suffered "serious bodily injury" that resulted in "permanent scarring and disability." The player's mom is suing him, and the case has finally reached the Long Island Supreme Court.

Can he really be held responsible? Who else did (or didn't) teach the kid to slide before he was on this coach's team? Maybe the guy's instruction was more than sufficient, and the kid just couldn't figure it out. Or, maybe the coach was encouraging all the players to push their physical limits, and this was an accident waiting to happen.

However, sliding is a really, really straightforward part of playing baseball, and on all the teams I played on as a kid, no one ever injured themselves doing it. It seems like this might be a personal conflict blown way out of proportion.

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