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weekly feature(May 21, 2007) Boy, did I choose the right time to start this feature, or what? The main networks are having their season finales last week and this week, so we are looking toward a long hot summer of re-runs. But have no fear! I know that I will still be watching things, so we will move on to talk about alternative network shows (The Closer! on TNT! and Big Love on HBO! And perhaps The 4400 and The Dead Zone on USA) and movies, re-runs, and shows on DVD that you didn't catch when they were on the air (for me, that would be Heroes).

But I think we should probably stick with the here and now for today, don't you? I missed last week, so I may do a cornucopia here of what I've been watching (and what I've missed! Sob!). Can I just ask a quick question? How many of you use VCR, TiVo, or DVR to help you with your television viewing? How many of you actually get to watch your show when it is actually airing? We bought a used TiVo from a friend for $40, and so we TiVo everything. I even TiVo the shows that I am watching in real time to review for TVSquad, because if I miss something, a detail or a line of dialogue, I can go back to it immediately. I can also put my kids to bed without missing things. So, I have been wondering whether recording devices are what makes it possible for parents to watch TV. It certainly makes it possible for me-- anyone else?

Okay, without further ado, let's get on with the show!jim and pamI think I will primarily stick to season wrap-ups, or maybe combine two episodes into one in some cases, just for simplicity. Here's what I've been watching in the last two weeks:


The season finale is tomorrow. I have to say that I am not really feeling terribly compelled by any of the storylines as we head toward the end of the season. This was a good season in many ways, but it is always more interesting to me when they focus on the inner-drama between the doctors rather than external hassles like the cop who tried to bust House for drug use. That was completely useless and accomplished nothing. I seem to be in the minority of viewers (over at TV Squad at least) who think that House and Cuddy will get together. However, maybe it would be a disaster for the show for them to consummate a very fun, intense, flirtation. They have introduced a new potential love interest for House. Let's see if this can make him happy. I am not too concerned about the Foreman storyline because I think he'll stay. So, the real tension is whether or not Cameron and Chase will get back together (I say yes, what do you think?).


Was I the only one SOBBING last week when Charlie was on the boat? Was I the only one who felt a teeny tiny bit ripped off when he was still alive at the end, after steeling myself for his death? Such lovely acting there. Just marvelous. I have started keeping Lost episodes on the TiVo just because I can't bear to delete them. I don't really know what will happen in the final episode, and I almost don't want there to be a huge confrontation between the 815ers and the Others. What are they going to do next season if that happens? I think it might be interesting to get them all off the island and then have them all deal with the fact that they all actually want to live together in a commune. I am also a little disappointed because I feel like we know just about all of the secrets there are to know, now, and I like the mysteries. Well, we still don't understand who or what Jacob is or what the island really is, but we know a lot more than we did. Do you think Locke is really dead?

My Name is Earl

I wonder whether they will cover Earl's jail time next season or just start the season with his release? I love this show, but I didn't find there to be much of a cliffhanger, and so I don't really have much longing for next season two (outside of the fact that summer re-runs suck and I love the show).

The Office

This was a GREAT season finale. Did you hear that Jenna Fischer (Pam) fell down some stairs last week at an Office wrap party and broke her back in four places???? Apparently, she will make a full recover, but poor Jenna! We loved and adored this episode, and the one before it where Pam walked across hot coals and declared herself to Jim. It was so great, the look on Jim's face in the interview when he was asked where he sees himself in ten years, and we just have him looking at Pam's note and then flashing back to the beach where she asks him to come back. The end of the show was simply marvelous-- such outstanding writing here week after week-- Jim popping his head in to ask her to dinner, Pam's grin,and then Ryan telling Kelly they are done. Does it really get any better than this?

Desperate Housewives (click one word for each review, to get both weeks)

I spent a lot of this season hating this show and finding it ridiculous, but they really pulled off the season finale (click the above links for much longer reviews of the past two shows).

Brothers and Sisters (click one word for each review, to get both weeks)

On the other hand, I adore this show, but the season finale was just so bad that I am still a little angry about it. You can see my reviews for the past two weeks (last week, comparably, was marvelous) if you click on the words Brothers and then Sisters.

Did anybody see the season finale of ER??? What happened??? What else did I miss? What have YOU been watching?

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