Are your toys your children's toys?

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I have some extremely fond memories of Speak N Spells, Garbage Pail Kids, and Cabbage Patch Dolls -- the toys of the 1980's I grew up on. I thought they would stay firmly entrenched in the annals of my memory banks, until I noticed at a recent outing to the toy stores that Cabbage Patch kids are still around. I've also seen Strawberry Shortcake dolls and other various toys from decades past -- and from the looks of it, some of these vintage toys are on their way to making a major comeback.

This Next is a shopping site that has a channel specifically dedicated to Toys of the '80's -- many that took me right back into the land of Kurt Cameron and Bop! Magazine. Do you remember the Viewmaster? It was so high tech back then, and now it's almost laughably archaic. And Teddy Ruxpin! I had forgotten about the somewhat creepy talking teddy.

Do you have any long-lost favourite toys of the 80's? Do your kids play with any of them?

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