Children's hands forecast whether they will be good at math?

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I know that the Daily Mail can have kooky stories, some that must be taken with a grain or vat of salt...but a lot of the time, they also have really interesting little tidbits.

Take this recent article that reports on the finding of a "study" that claims that parents can tell whether their child will be "numerate" or "literate" according to the size of their fingers. Apparently, kids with longer ring fingers will be more likely to be math whizzes, while those with shorter ring fingers will be more adept at literacy.

"Scientists" believe the trend can be explained by the levels of testosterone and estrogen children are exposed to in the those sex hormones are thought to govern brain development and finger length. What? I guess you learn something new everyday.

While I believe that people tend to fall into one-or-the-other category (I do not know anyone who excelled at both Math and English in school, with the exception of our own Karen Walrond who is a bit of a freak of nature in her diversity) I'm leery. After all, I am horrible at math, and my ring fingers are super long.

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