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When Jared was just a baby, we discovered Radicool swimsuits from Australia. The retailer where I was working at the time carried them and they seemed like a good idea. Well, Jared's now five and we're still hooked. In fact, because that store no longer carries them, (and I no longer work for them,) we ordered directly from the manufacturer in Oz. Not only did we get new suits for Jared and Sara, Rachel and I each got a shirt as well.

So what's so special about these suits that make them worth ordering from half way around the planet? First and foremost is the sun protection. Down in the land of beaches and barbies, they know a thing or two about the dangers of too much sun. These suits offer 100+ SPF sun protection to protect kids' delicate skin from sun damage. Cotton shirts are pretty much useless when it comes to protection from the sun and sunscreen has to be reapplied frequently. These suits do the job without any hassle or effort.

The suits we've gotten for the kids are the one-piece outfits that cover to the elbows and knees. They provide a lot of coverage while still being extremely comfortable for the kids. And they look good too. We got our order in just over a week despite coming from down under. They're not cheap, but they last (Sara's worn Jared's old ones and they're still in great shape) and for the protection, it's worth it. Our kids are worth it.


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