Ask the internet: Help for recurring bloody noses

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Last fall, my four-year-old had a run of bloody noses. After a particularly bad evening, when his nose bled for nearly two hours, I took him to see our pediatrician, who looked in his nose and asked me a bunch of questions designed to rule out something really horrible (lukemia, for example) and referred us on to an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist). The ENT looked in Charlie's nose (again! he loved that!) and said it was just dry skin; he recommended that we run a humidifier in his room all the time, start his allergy medicine again, and swab the inside of his nose with Vaseline (he LOVED that, let me tell you). He also suggested that we shoot him up with saline spray every so often, to keep his poor nose moist (one MORE thing he loved), and that we keep some Afrin on hand to stop the bleeding if he started up again (soak a cotton ball in the Afrin, stick it in his nose, wait for bleeding to stop. Any idea how Charlie felt about THAT? Oh yes).

We followed all the directions to the T and for a long while, we were blood free. But recently, Charlie has started waking up in the morning covered in blood (and looking, quite frankly, like a CSI crime scene) and I'm wondering what ELSE I can do.

And so I turn to the Internet. Anyone else have trouble with chronic nose bleeds? Anyone have any good suggestions? Or should I take the poor boy back to the ENT? Help me out--I'm tired of having to wash his sheets every single morning.

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