Boy kills 1000 pound hog

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This will give me nightmares for several sleeps, I think. I do not like tiny little insects (they could insert themselves inside wee cavities like nostrils and eardrums and gestate ferociously) and I do not like giant animals (they are just plain scary.)

I cannot imagine what it must have been like for this 11-year-old boy who brought down a giant pig. And when I say giant, I mean an animal who is more than 7 times the size of me. And I am a giant, walloping woman.

Pre-teen Jamison Stone was out hunting with his Dad and two guides in Alabama earlier this month when he came across a "Monster Pig" He shot the animal 8 times and chased it for three hours before polishing it off with a point-blank shot.

Jamison's "prize" was so big that trees had to be cut and a backhoe brought in to drag out the massive carcass.

OK, I have to stop here because like I said, I giant animals scare me. But I feel kind of sorry for this monster pig guy. He was just rummaging around the forest, wasn't he? I hate bees but I won't kill one.

I read this article at first for shock value, because, what the hell does a 1000-pound wild pig look like? But then, I started to kind of feel bad for the pig, in the same way I feel bad for flailing salmon at the bottom of a fishing boat.I hope at least they eat Monsieur Pig and make use of his overly large life.

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