Is roller blading with a jogging stroller ever a good idea?

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No. It's not. I'm going to just come right out and say it: it's NOT OK to roller blade while pushing your baby in a jogging stroller. I can't believe anyone would even think to do it let alone attempt such a thing. I don't care if you're the best roller blader in the entire universe--it just doesn't seem safe or smart to put your kid at risk. So why do I keep seeing so many people do it?

Men and women, I see them all, rolling around Prospect Park--streaking by, I should say, their jogging strollers lolling in front of them, attached to them by basically only a stretchy bracelet. What if you trip? What if you roll over some gravel or a twig or a discarded baby sock (I see tons of them on the road in the park every day) and go flying out to the side?

Chances are the stroller would go with you. The baby would probably be OK. Probably, but not definitely.

And, as if it weren't bad enough, these folks I see with their roller blades and jogging strollers are always looking off into nowhere, totally zoned out listening to their iPods. I love my iPod more than any other material possession I own--don't worry, I'm NOT knocking using them for exercise (not today, anyway). But when your iPod causes you to lose focus and you stop paying attention to everyone around you--the runners, the walkers, the break-neck cyclists, the cars, the other roller bladers--it's just plain dangerous.

So go ahead--I dare you: come up with one good reason why it's OK to roller blade while pushing your jogging stroller. I'm all ears.

I know that now I'm a mother and all, and that, as a result of that, I am terribly over-concerned with safety. But why shouldn't i be? And why shouldn't these parents be as well?

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