Mary Jo Eustace dishes on losing hubby to Tori Spelling

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I realize that Mary Jo Eustace is not very well known outside of Canada -- but I grew up watching her cooking show What's for Dinner and she was tall and kicky and often sarcastic and I wanted to have her hair.

Mary Jo's fame heightened in this country when her now ex-husband Dean McDermott famously left her for Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling. Mary Jo and Dean had two children, and I remember wondering how difficult it must be for her and their children to see Dean and Tori parading down red carpets, kissing passionately in public, and creating reality TV based on their gushy form of love.

I don't have to wonder much anymore. Mary Jo has written a tell-all book on what it is like when the "other woman" is Tori spelling. Mary Jo says she did it because she needed an outlet for her overwhelming feelings amidst the divorce and grieving process. People has a small, compelling snippet of the book which features Dean telling Mary Jo that Tori and he are soulmates -- when he'd only known her for three weeks. Dean tells his wife that he is not leaving the kids, only her, and she wonders if it is because of her horrible bikini that makes her look fat. It made me want to read it, and also to never look at another story about Tori and Dean. How heartbreaking.

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