Boyfriend sentenced to life, Mom to blame, says angry judge

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So many times I've seen headlines noting that a repeat child molester evaded punishment with a slap on the wrist or a small fine. I usually skim the headlines, skipping over the article with a sick stomach, not really needing to know any more about gross injustice than I already know.

But this video story caught my eye yesterday in its contrast to the norm: a child molester was sentenced by an Atlanta judge to life in prison for molesting two children. And further, the Mom of those children was chastised harshly in the court for allowing the molestation for happening. The judge repeated several time throughout his speech to the Mother of the victims: You are not a victim. In fact, he said, she assisted her boyfriend's crime by not reporting him when he viciously sexually assaulted her. He berated her for going out for drinks and declared that she knew about the crimes (her boyfriend had digitally and anally raped two of her children) and did nothing.

The judge was angry, and admitted it. And you know, I think he was right in acknowledging her part in the crime. She put her children in harm's way -- something no parent should ever do.

What do you think? Was the judge right, or out of line?

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