Grandma's in the kitchen

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Part oral history, part cooking class, What's Cooking Grandma? is an online collection of videos of grandmothers doing what grandmothers have long loved to do -- cooking. According to the site, "What's Cooking Grandma? is a project to create a cookbook of the grandmothers of the world sharing their special recipes."

The project got started in Lancaster, England, but the organizers want to expand beyond the UK and collect videos of grandmothers everywhere. There are videos showing how to make jams and scones and a traditional Lancashire hotpot. Some of the videos include the grandkids helping out as well. I love to see cross-generational cooperation like that.

Whether you're a cook yourself or you just want to check out the histories of these wonderful Nanas, head on over and watch some of the videos. Just don't do it right before dinner, unless you're planning on a big meal.


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