Beer for kids

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Kids like pretending to be grown-ups, right? So next time you're having a dinner party, or just cracking open a Budweiser after a stressful day at the office, let your kids join you -- with fake beer.

I'm not sure how well this idea would go over in most countries, but it's apparently been very successful in Japan. That's where a company called Sangaria created a line of fake alcoholic drinks intended specifically for children -- they've made beer, wine, champagne and cocktails. Apparently, you can even by six-packs, and the beer (flavored like apple juice) foams at the top when you pour it into a glass.

Puts the sparking grape juice you give the kids on New Years Eve to shame, doesn't it?

I wonder what happens when the kids get older, and realize that beer, in fact, packs a little more punch than the apple juice they were used to.

[via Neatorama]

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