Lindsay Lohan wannabe created by crazy Hollywood mom

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Amidst all the photos of Lindsay Lohan, passed out and drooling after a night on the town, the news of her cocaine-induced auto accidents, or her repeated stints in rehab, I forget that some awful parents actually encourage their children to look up to these out-of-control celebrity train wrecks.

Take this video, for instance, where an absurdly rich Hollywood mom with a disturbing set of priorities brings her preteen daughter to a tanning salon and spends $1300 so the kid can look orange and creepy "pretty" for her school picture.

At one point, early in the video, the mom convinces her daughter to get the tan by asking, "do you want to look like Lindsay Lohan?" (Of course the girl's answer was "yes.")

According to The Best Week Ever, who made the video, "Someday, historians are going to look back at this clip and regard it as the definitive explanation of the downfall of Western Civilization."

I completely agree.

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