Men afraid of being labeled as pedophiles

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A poll conducted by a NCH, a children's charity, and volunteer group Chance UK, has identified what they believe is the reason so many charities are struggling to recruit men to work with children. Turns out, many men are afraid of being labeled as pedophiles.

In addition, the required criminal check that both men and women volunteers must undergo was also found to be a major deterrent.

There were other reasons men didn't volunteer, such as work commitments and lack of time, but one in five cited the criminal check and fears of being seen as a pedophile as excuses for not getting involved.

This is bad news for kids who are in need of positive male role models. "Many children, especially boys, are desperately in need of a male mentor, which is why we urgently need men to come forward despite any fears they may have about public perception," said Clare Tickell, chief executive of NCH.

Pedophiles often do place themselves in children's lives by volunteering to work with them. It would appear that these pedophiles have done more than damage the children they have abused; they have scared off other men who truly could be positive role models for children. As a woman, this is something I've never had to deal with. What about you men? Are you hesitant to get involved for fear of being labeled a pedophile?

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