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what ar eyou reading?(June 1, 2007) What are you reading this week? I have had a busy week of reading around here. I am not quite sure why, but I have sort of run out of patience with my romance novels, though I am still working my way through one. I am pretty sure that my impatience is temporary. However, in the meantime, I am looking for other things to read.

I have been enjoying a very lovely email conversation with commenter Mandy this week. At her recommendation, I decided to go ahead and overcome my fear of The Lovely Bones. I started it last Friday, and read it all before I went to bed that night. It was a beautiful, compelling book. But I am not going to discuss it quite yet, here, because I promised I would give everyone time to read it first. So, readers, start your engines! Can you at least post in the comments and let me know when you have started reading it? Then we will all kind of be able to keep track of how far you are in the book, and we'll know when we can discuss it here.

I think you will have a hard time putting it down. Mandy also wrote that she had gotten Twilight, and she took her three-year-old son to a new playground so she could try reading it. However, she had to follow him around, which distracted the reading. But I remember doing the same thing when my kids were that age. I love hearing how other moms try to find time to read.widow for one yearIn addition to finishing The Lovely Bones, I started reading Widow for One Year by John Irving. I'll let you know how I like it. I am maybe a quarter of the way finished with it now. John Irving books take some time, but I love him as an author. I also have A Prayer for Owen Meany on my shelf. Shopping my shelves has proved to be pretty lucrative, actually.

I was thinking about John Irving's books, which are full of sex, versus romance novels, which really don't even parallel Irving for sexual content. So, what makes Irving's books different? Well, in Irving's books, we don't get the complete narrative (or, dare I say, blow by blow) of the sex and how everybody feels about it, inch by inch, lick by lick. Irving's books are much more about the relationships that are forged (or destroyed) by the sex, and the consequences of the sex, than telling you about the sex itself. The orgasms his characters have are temporary, fleeting, but the consequences are long and difficult (you thought I was going to say 'hard,' didn't you?).

In addition to the Irving novel, I am still plugging my way through Tall, Dark, and Cajun. I suppose it's growing on me. Especially one part: In Tall, Dark, and Cajun, one of the characters is an interior decorator. She is explaining feng shui to one of her clients (her potential lover) and she waves her hands at his houseboat and says, "We have to get rid of this clutter."

"Clutter?" He asks her, offended.

"Yes. It's bad feng shui. Clutter is nothing more than a series of postponed decisions."

I'm paraphrasing, but I really love that last bit: a series of postponed decisions. The stacks of books and papers in my living room and dining room? Nothing more than a series of postponed decisions. Far from making me feel bad in any way, this makes me feel that my house is brimming with the potential. The potential to make all of those decisions. At any moment, I could a) read one of those books b) do work with one of those folders or c) put them away, indicating that I am done with them. But while the clutter is present, my work is unfinished. And while my work is unfinished, I am still alive.

A series of postponed decisions. That sounds like gone fishing, gone for a walk, or doing something more interesting.

What are you reading? And do you ever journal or blog about it? I put the above bit about postponed decisions on my personal blog too, because I liked it so much. Have a great week, and let me know about The Lovely Bones!

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